Center For Somalia History Studies

This three hour seminar provides an Executive Summary of all notable attacks of Al Qaeda, Al Shabaab and ISIS from 1992 to today.  It analizes their magazine and video productions to better understand their motives, tactics and potential targets in America.

Being Prepared for Terrorism

Executive Summary - Half Day Course

Al Qaeda, Al Shabaab, ISIS -

Their Tactics, Targets and Motives

Countering Violent Extremism in America and Abroad

White House Summit on CVE Countering Violent Extremism

- February 2015

This class identifies the Factors leading to Radicalization. Case studies of several Al-Shabaab and ISIS loyalists will help attendees understand the Path to Extremism.  Recommendations from the White House Summit on Countering Violent Extremism will be discussed.

Combating Radicalization

Prevention, Intervention & Suppression through Case Studies

Countering Violent Extremism is a top priority for the Somali Community of Minnesota and for the American White House,   Led by andrew luger, the United States attorney for minnesota, community members have crafted a multi-pronged approach.

Understanding the People of Somalia

Their history, their culture & their lives in America

This class explores the Colonial History of Somalia, Independence in 1960, the Siad Barre regime, Black Hawk Down, Civil War and the Rise of the Islamic Courts.  It includes a detailed presentation of Somali Culture and the lives of the Somali People in America.

​​Seminars Offered

Center For Somalia History Studies

Al-Shabaab and ISIS Recruits